Duncans Toy Chest – Is the top toy store online, as seen on, Home Alone 2! Buy toys & games at Duncans Toy Chest, the online toy store serving the UK, U.S, Germany & France. Buy kids toys, plus shop for adult toys. We are the #1 online Toy Shop of Choice.

                                                                                  Duncans Toy Chest 

                          Duncans Toy Chest is the online toy store serving the UK, U.S, Germany & France.

Duncan's Toy Chest is the store featured in the classic movie “Home Alone 2”: Lost in New York, played by Macaulay Culkin.

Duncans Toy Chest sell the best kids toys, baby toys, plus, toys for adults, we have a range of toys to suit every taste and occasions, such as, birthday and Christmas gift ideas. Plus, all toys supplied by Duncans Toy Chest have been carefully selected from the best toy brands, and we offer unbeatable prices.                                   

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Duncans Toy Chest have recently added new suppliers, these included classics like, Casdon, who provide many nice items including play cookers and mini vacuum cleaners. The Casdon toy range has become very popular with our customers, so we have made the range even bigger.

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Duncans Toy Chest also stock hundreds of quality stationery items which include and activity books and greeting cards of all shapes and sizes.

               Duncans Toy Chest prides itself on providing a superior quality of service to all our customers.

           Duncans Toy Chest

           Whenever you wish to shop for kids toys or toys for adults, “Duncans Toy Chest” is your first choice.

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Duncans Toy Chest have an Arts and Crafts section, a Baby Store, which supply everything for your babies needs, plus, Dolls & Accessories department, the best action figures and toy sets, games and puzzles, plus, Out Door Toys for unlimited summer fun.

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Bring back your memories of “Home Alone 2”, and experience the type of fun Macaulay Culkin had when he went shopping in Duncans Toy Chest, as seen on Home Alone 2.

To start shopping online at Duncans Toy Chest simply click on one of the banners located above or below, on this page.


     Duncans Toy Chest offers the best prices, plus, have the best range of toys that will make everyone happy.

           Duncans Toy Chest

Star having fun whilst shopping at Duncans Toy Chest and be thrilled by unlimited cool toys. Our toy shop is equipped with the best kid’s toys, toys for children, nursery, Toddlers, babies and adults and our toy store is rated #1 by many consumers internationally.


About Us

Duncans Toy Chest are reliable professionals with over 16 years of experience in online shopping. 


Duncans Toy Chest sell the best kids toys, baby toys, plus, toys for adults, we have a range of toys to suit every taste and occasions.

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                                     Duncans Toy Chest History

Duncans Toy Chest started with just four employees, working from a office based in Chicago. Now many years later, we have grown to over 100 staff members, however, our passion to please our customers & dedication have remained strong.


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Duncans Toy Chest



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